Friday, August 15, 2014

Results You Can See...

Finally, something that looks like a real motorcycle that you can least that's my hope. I spent a couple of hours today...between thunderstorms...assembling the chassis. I would call it a huge improvement from what I started with a couple of months ago. See that dirty beast below.

Above, obviously, is the "before" picture. I wonder if Sammy Miller could be persuaded to offer his seat/tank units in the yellow bumble bee style rather that the white gel coat. I know that you Euros are used to the white/red color (colour?) combination on your TY bikes, but I have to say that this is an improvement. Who doesn't like the Kenny Roberts North American color combination??

Above is a detail shot of the rear fender mount. Again, this is not the sort of thing that you might see at the SSDT. At least not on a Yamaha. If you have been following this blog, you know that the welding was done by a good friend who has essentially no experience with motorcycle frames, but a lifetime of experience with metalwork. I am lucky to know Chuy.

Above is a detail of the triple tree..or steering stem...or yoke..I guess that there are a lot of different terms to describe this part of the motorcycle anatomy. As you can see, I am free with my use of drilled, oversize, alloy washers. I like them. I like the look and I am perfectly aware that they are not necessarily the first choice of "serious" trials enthusiasts. Well, truth be told, I am not one of those guys. This particular motorcycle will not have to be pulled out of a freezing Scottish stream or pulled off of me after we have tumbled down a slippery slope. The intended use of this bike is to simply cruise the beaches and river beds of Baja California.

More to come, probably this week. The engine cases are together and I simply have to add (and re-check) the clutch, ignition, kick starter, and the shifting shafts. Again, so many, many ways to screw this up. Pray for me! See you soon!

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