Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Paint on the TY is Done!!!

Yesterday I put two more clear coats on the seat/tank unit. About a week ago I finished the yellow paint and I was able to look at my choices for the decals. These decals, which are actually for a YZ from the 70's, looked best. They are similar to the decals that came on the unit from Sammy Miller…only a little more aggressive. Later today or tomorrow I should be able to put the entire chassis together and see what it looks like with the alloy fenders.

As you can see in the background, work is moving forward on the TLR. It now has several coats of primer and paint on the seat/tank unit, but the frame is untouched. The frame needs to be comprehensively cleaned and then some primer on the parts of the frame that have been rubbed down to bare metal.

I also get to chase around to the autoparts stores and/or the radiator shops to find some radiator hose for the WES exhaust. There are two joints that I want to cover with hose….and I get to have my old seat reupholstered by a local shop. In this part of the project I am lucky. Reupholstery shops are plentiful, cheap and the work is excellect. Adios for now, the next pictures will be of a complete chassis.

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