Friday, August 1, 2014

The TLR Comes Apart...

Over the past couple of days, weather permitting, I have been working on the TLR to get it to a point where I can give it a good cleaning, re-paint the frame and bodywork, and replace the more vulnerable fasteners with stainless. The humidity and the salty soil is causing a great deal of corrosion on the fasteners associated with the frame. Work has been slowed by the extreme humidity and heat. The temperature in my garage was 102 degrees when I shot the above picture.

Today the engine came out...but not without a fight. The engine is a tight fit in this chassis. I have no idea how I am going to get the clean engine back into the newly painted chassis without tearing up a lot of the new paintwork.

Now, I have a new problem. I need to take the chassis apart...wheels, forks, shocks, and swingarm all need to come off for cleaning and paint. How am I going to support the frame in order to remove these components? I woulod like to put it on a simple aluminum stand, but that's not an option. I am open to suggestions. Hanging it from the rafters seems like a good idea, but I do not have any rafters. The roof of the garage is cememnt. What do you TLR guys do???

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