Friday, July 11, 2014

Trial Fit on a Trials Bike....

The frame has been given a couple of coats of primer. I am still not happy with the look of some of the joints so there is probably some additional grinding to be done. However, this was a convenient point to trial fit the WES exhaust and the rear fender. It went together very nicely.

The various bits and pieces of the exhaust system are made of fairly soft (but thick) aluminum and so I was able to bash the required clearance in the muffler where it passes close to the shock mount and the expansion chamber itself need a few hardy whacks to clear the frame. To my eye, it appears that the muffler will just clear the rear tire at full travel.

Next I have to go to the biggest auto parts store in La Paz and see if they will let me play in their radiator hose section behind the counter. I need a piece to connect the header pipe to the expansion chamber and another piece to connect the expansion chamber to the muffler. Both of these joints are a nice tight push fit, but I want the added security of a nice rubber joint to keep the drool and vibration to a minimum. Besides, all those rubber joints remind me of my Bultacos (both in the present and the past).

This trial fit was also an opportunity to create the reinforcing rivets and aluminum sheet for the rear fender. I'll post some pictures after I have had an opportunity to grind and file a bit. Right now it looks a little rough.

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