Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just some routine maintenance...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the old Amal has been switched for a Chinese Mikuni. Subsequently, I've attached a foam filter to keep the worst of the grime out of the carb. Now, with the new carb in place, I am riding the bike a lot more. It is nice to just sit in the saddle and explore the Baja beaches, as opposed to my usual stand-up stance on the trials bikes.

The experience is really improved by the fact that the bike now idles...what a treat, and it is significantly faster and cleaner on the top end. Anyhow, from the beginning  there has been a steady and very low volume leak from the primary case, nothing unusual for a Bultaco and actually it is comforting because it means that there is oil in the primary case. I had been adding smallish amounts of oil before each ride to insure that everything was well lubricated in there, but it was time to change the oil and conduct a little inspection.

I have to say that it is a real treat to work on a bike that has been properly looked after. The seven allen head bolts which hold the primary side cover to the case were in perfect condition. They all had washers, and they were tightened to the correct torque. Not crazy tight...but tight enough. The primary case gasket was in place and it had not been coated with gasket cement so it could be reused. And, none of the threads in the center case were stripped.

300 cc of fresh 10wt. oil and I was done. The filler plug was undamaged and the drain plug was, likewise, in perfect shape. After a quick wipe-down I was off for a short ride around the neighborhood.

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