Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paint is going on...

I have not been posting much recently about the TY. I have been making progress, but the problem is that once I get into the garage I just tend to get to work instead of taking pictures and documenting what's happening. So, here's an up-date.

Painting the frame with a touch-up gun is difficult, messy and wasteful. In the future, especially if I am somewhere near a shop that can sandblast and powercoat I will go in that direction. This frame has numerous nooks and crannies which are virtually impossible to reach with a spray gun. Naturally the overspray goes everywhere. There is a lot of wasted material. Finally, in frustration I got a couple of rattlecans to finish the job. Otherwise many small tabs and mounts were not going to be adequately covered. Today I applies a couple of coats of clear to try to bring out a bit of a shine. It looks successful on the main tubes.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a trials bike...a bit of a gentleman's trials bike..but still a trials bike. It will get very dirty and it will spend more than a little time on its side in the dirt. No sense in going crazy on the cosmetics.

The tank was significantly easier. The touch-up gun hold enough paint for two coats. So far the tank has about four coats and has only had a tiny bit of sanding in between the coats. I ordered a couple of set of decals off of ebay today which are supposed to be suitable for a middle 70's YZ...in other words, bumble bee stripes.

Once I have figured out the decals I will clear coat them. While waiting for the decals, I will check and double check the assembly of the engine and install it into the frame...then the suspension and the wheels and I will be done. Can't wait!

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