Monday, June 2, 2014

Time to button things up....

Before I get back into this project I need to make an announcement....Do whatever you have to do to see the Moto GP race from Mugello. (June 1, 2014) It is as good as racing gets. If you haven't seen it, get a torrent...or see it at your friends house that has a DVR, or get a Moto GP video whatever is necessary. You will not be disappointed!

Back to business. I finally resolved the whole dowel thing. I was misreading the Haynes Manual. In fact there is only one dowel with seals around the circumference and it goes in the rear upper engine mount where it serves to keep the engine mounting bolt centralized (I think...). At any rate, we are ready to go. And if you need one of those dowels, I am the guy to see. I just ordered two more off of eBay. Stupid hurts....and it is expensive!

Above are the two engine cases ready to be joined. Since Yamaha does not sell Yamaha Bond anymore I had to search around and this product (ThreeBond) was widely recommended. In the above picture, both case halves have been given a generous schmear.

The cases went together incredibly easily. Just a little gentle tapping with a rubber mallet got it done. Probably less than three minutes to join the halves. I was initially worried that the ThreeBond would harden or get displaced as I fought the cases together. That just was not the case.

Next came the stainless socket head screws. Sorry to say the supplier elected not to include the longest screw. So there is one of the original Phillips Head screws installed. Can you see it? I can, and it pisses me off. I am going to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Torquing the screws was easy because of the socket heads. I have no idea how a Phillips Head could be accurately torqued. By the way, all the screws got their own little stainless washer. When I took it apart, there were no washers.

Lastly, I cleaned off the excess ThreeBond and checked the shafts. All three shafts are turning freely and easily in their new bearings. Smooth as snot some would say. And, the transmission is happily in neutral, right where I put it.

Next up the magneto, clutch, gearshift assembly, flywheel, seals, etc....Then I need to go back to the TY Trials website and review the order in which all of these shafts and gears are tightened.

As a reward, I am going to treat myself to a long ride on the beach with my TLR....see you in a couple of days.

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