Thursday, June 19, 2014

Retirement and a New Rear Fender

This project has slowed over the past couple of weeks. The main reason is that my retirement had been temporarily called off. My partner, wife, best friend and lover departed on a one week tour of the United States. Visits to Connecticut and San Diego were on the schedule. That left me in charge of the household, which includes dogs, a bird, plants, a pool, and all of the work associated with maintaining the place. Nothing overwhelming...but more than I was used to. A way to keep things moving was to get some help. In my case, this involved my good friend Chuy. Chuy is a local artist in metal. He has made gates and doors for our house and for many of our neighbors. His work is beautiful and beautifully thought out.

Above is a shot of Chuy in his lair....a somewhat disheveled, dirt floored shop. He is about to make a couple of tabs to weld to the subframe of the TY to mount the aluminum fender. As you can see from the photo below, it is hell for strong. The tabs still need some more grinding and shaping but, for sure, this fender is not going to fall off.

My next project on the frame is to remove the fender (for the umteenth time) to remove the tabs which previously located the tupperware fender and the original stock side panels. My buddy has returned so I should have some more time in the garage.

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