Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making Sparks...

For no particularly good reason I choose to install an electronic ignition on the TY. Visions of giant blue sparks danced through my head...effortless starting...a dead reliable idle, etc....Well, here is the reality. My United States based supplier in response to my order for an "electronic ignition" sent the Electrex World unit. As I have discovered on various forums all over the world, these guys have a very patchy reputation for customer service. In fact, I am told that they recently simply dropped their customer service telephone number.

At any rate, in my case when I went to install the unit I was immediately faced with the mismatch photographed above. In my case, a customer service telephone number would have been worthless. Even the offer to exchange the unit would have been expensive and time consuming for me, so I took the matter into my own hands...actually I had some assistance from my trusty Dremel tool.

As you can see above, I removed a miniscule amount of material from a structurally unimportant locating tab on the engine case. The result is that I can now comfortably fit the Electrex World Unit.

Now my main concern is that the unit has been designed/assembled in a similarly cavalier manner. I have read very good reviews of their products and many people have had good success with this unit. But I'm going to have to wait until the engine is finally installed in the bike to see my big blue sparks.

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