Friday, May 2, 2014

This is where it began...

The First Project

This is not my first project ever, but it is the first project for this blog. I literally tried to give this bike away. I contacted one of our local gringo newspapers that offer free ads. I simply asked for offers and offered to send pictures via e-mail to interested parties. Three people responded. None even made an offer. The bike had problems. For example the kick-starter had punched a hole in the in the clutch side crankcase cover, and the bike would not start. Obviously it was dirty and the tupperware fenders had seen better days.

One guy said he might make an offer if I brought the bike to him for his inspection. For me that would have been a round trip of over 100 miles. I declined. Instead, after reviewing my options I decided to do a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration. we go!

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