Monday, May 12, 2014

Supply Lines

As the Germans discovered, much to their chagrin, supply lines are critical. In my case, my personal supply line extends northward to San Diego about 1000 miles over mainly bad roads. Virtually every piece which is going into this build is delivered to my doorstep by my freight forwarder which is located in San Diego, California.  

As the bike was coming apart I was making lists. Some stuff was very specifically TY 175. Other things were more common and available from a wide range of sources. As I started accumulating bits and pieces, I discovered a number of very helpful suppliers. 

For example these guys at Monster Fastener have a huge variety of metric nuts and bolts and washers which they gladly ship in virtually any quantity. This is a USA based business so this may not be a helpful link for guys in New Zealand, but for those of us in the Colonies these guys are helpful.

Another provider that I have used is Pro Bolt. They have all of the cool drilled washers, alloy nuts and bolts, titanium fasteners, etc....All of the jewelry that may or may not be appropriate for a trials bike. These guys are UK based, but they have a USA distributor. They also promptly fill orders and ship the stuff out. Unfortunately, the prices are eye watering, especially if you linger too long in the titanium section of the catalog. But, where else are you going to get purple drilled alloy washers???

For bits and pieces which are specifically TY related, I have had good luck with TY Trials. These folks are UK based, but they have a lot of stuff which just is not available elsewhere. Everybody has pistons, but not everyone has lock washers for the front sprocket. 

One more supplier worth mentioning is Speed and Sport. Matt is a USA based company and they have been supplying parts to vintage racers for a very long time. I got parts from them twenty years ago for my BSA B50.

As of this dated just about everything is in place. Some machining is to be done and some welding, and then it will go together quickly....but not too quickly. Somethings really should not be rushed, as I discovered with the crank. See you in a couple of days.

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