Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bultaco Art-Look At What You Find When You Are Cleaning!

This particular piece of industrial art appeared to me while I was performing some long overdue maintenance on my Bultaco Campera. Art really is wherever you find it. Sr. Bulto and his designers created some pieces which go well beyond what was required or needed. Other pieces, not so much, but beauty can be found through these bikes.

I had been riding the bike around the beaches and muddy flats around my home. Dirt and mud and a  mixture of sand and salt had created an exceedingly ugly coating on the front end of the bike. Maintenance had been delayed by more interesting projects, i.e. the TLR and the TY.

Luckily a lull presented itself while I was waiting for pieces to be delivered for the TY. It was an opportunity to refresh the Bully.

This is what the fork looked like before I began cleaning and polishing. It looked a lot worse than it really was. It was just a matter of applying a wire brush to the worst of it and then some sandpaper and then some metal polish...Simichrome...a German product. The fender and the fender brackets received the same treatment. And, by the way, I can see the's on the list.

This is obviously another shot of the front hub. If you have an older bike do yourself a favor and look at the pieces closely. You will find some beautiful pieces on your old bike. Look will be surprised.

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  1. I always think the timing/flywheel covers on some bikes are a lovely shape, and I like how Bultaco stamped a lot of parts with the thumbs up logo, even down to the bolt heads.